Legend Frames – NFT Collection

The Project

Legend Frames

"Legend Frames” is an NFT collection featuring exclusive photographs of history's most iconic celebrities, taken by the most influential photographers.

Unique NFT utility

Own Reproduction Rights of Legendary Photographs

In addition to owning historical photos of international movie and music stars in the form of NFTs, buyers will also have the incredible opportunity to be granted full reproduction rights to the photographs.

The first edition of “Legend Frames” features exclusive photographs of the band “The Beatles” taken by the famous Italian Photographer Emilio Lari.

Unpublished Masterpieces

Untold Historical Moments, Finally Revealed

Photographs belonging to the highest rarity ranks in the mystery box are unpublished photographs that have never been released to the public before, and collectors will have the chance to win the physical photograph signed by the photographer Emilio Lari, together with many other amazing rewards.

Emilio Lari

Emilio Lari was born in Rome in 1939 and while still very young became Pierluigi Praturlon’s assistant, director of an important photographic agency, with whom he did his first photo shoots for important directors.
In 1963, he left for England with a precise aim: to photograph The Beatles.

His dream came true when, on the set of “A Hard’s Day’s Night”, he was mistaken for the official photographer sent by ‘L’European’ magazine. Although the real photographer later arrived, Lari, thanks to his talent and charisma, was called to the set of ‘Help!’ by director Richard Lester in 1964.

The relationship that developed between Lari, the actors and the directors made his photographs unique for some incredible shots of iconic figures, captured in truly unique moments.

The Art

Exclusive photographs of history's most iconic celebrities

Own priceless digital memorabilia, collecting NFT photographs of the best stars in film and music history, immortalized in truly unique moments.
Some of them have never been unveiled before.


NFT Rewards

In addition to owning historical photos of international movie and music stars in the form of NFTs, buyers will also have access to unique rewards

Reproduction Rights

Collectors of any rarity tier will be granted reproduction rights of the photo

Signed Physical Photo

Collectors of SSR NFTs will receive the physical photo signed by the photographer Emilio Lari

Photo Session

Collectors who own the most SR NFTs will be invited for a photoshoot with Emilio Lari himself in Rome, who will autograph the photos. 3 Winners will be selected

Private Call

Collectors who own at least 5 R NFTs will be qualified to win a private call with photographer Emilio Lari who will tell the behind-the-scenes stories of the films and music videos he has worked on. The winners will have the unique opportunity to be told many anecdotes about the most famous stars of all time. 10 Winners will be selected.

Private Tour

Collectors who own at least one SSR or one SR will have the chance to be invited to a private tour of Emilio Lari’s photo collection in Italy. 10 Winners will be extracted among the qualified collectors.

Coming Soon

Legend Frames Vol. #1

#1 Volume of the collection

The Beatles - Help!

The first edition of Legend Frames presents colour, black-and-white and previously unseen images of The Beatles to relive unforgettable moments in music history. The shots were taken by set photographer Emilio Lari during the filming of Richard Lester's 'Help!' with an exceptional cast.

On display are stage photos but also moments of pause, backstage, portraits of the then very young John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

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